Take the best rideable Mini smart electric Black Pink Silver scooter suitcase SE3S and enjoy your trip!

Airwheel SE3S Black Pink Silver rideable smart Mini electric scooter tech luggage(suitcase) can travel 13km/h. It is lightweight, and can easily convert from motor to pull-behind use.

Airwheel SE3S scooter Luggage
  • 110kg

    Max. load

  • 250W

    Motor Power

  • 13km/h

    Max. Speed

  • 73.26Wh

    Battery Capacity

Airwheel Scooter suitcase
Airwheel electric luggage
Airwheel electric suitcase
Airwheel scooter suitcase Muse Design Awards

    Airwheel smart Mini electric black pink silver scooter suitcase with Invention patent

    Airwheel Mini power smart scooter luggage Are Designed And Manufactured To The Highest International Standards and have got a number of certificates, invention patents and utility model patents. Pls find the Patent No. in the following.

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Airwheel SE3S Electric Mini smart Black pink Silver scooter luggage bring to life the vision of making traveling more functional and fun.

The smart Mini riding electric tech scooter suitcase can travel up on a single charge, at 8 miles an hour. It is lightweight, and can easily convert from motor to pull-behind use. It comes with dual USB charging ports for your electronics

Airwheel Remote Scooter suitcase

    Lifting and shrinking push rod motor

    Equipped with a push rod motor with small size and large torque; electric folding can be realized with one-button, and the electric telescopic suitcase body is more stable and freely retractable

    One-click to start the ride-Mini electric scooter

    One press to start, release to stop, even the first ride can be very easy, side by side two wheels, adapt to various road conditions

    Load capacity up to 110KG-Mini smart scooter

    Aluminum frame, 110kg load. Take her to travel with confidence. 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy. One-piece frame to ensure that the suitcase body is stable and not deformed


    Comfortable and stylish to increase cushioning, lightweight design of the suitcase, comfortable hand feeling, easy to lift


boarding suitcase


suitcase weight

    Dragging is also scenic

    Hidden telescopic alloy pull rod feel comfortable, regardless of travel or business trip, free going anytime, anywhere

    Large capacity space, reasonable storage

    The side adopts German imported PC film + Taiwan's Chi Mei ABS, which is waterproof, wear-resistant and not easily deformed. The combination of two materials greatly improves the strength and compression resistance of the body. The side open with a large capacity of 20L

    International IF Award winners design

    The appearance of the cabinet is simple and stylish, conforms to mechanics and ergonomics, is comfortable to ride, and has strong impact resistance

    Smart handle design

    The SE3S electric suitcase integrates acceleration, braking and reversing, so refined that you can't see a single line

    Brushless power motor

    The brushless and sensorless hub motor adopts a low-energy motor with a constant speed. When running, the friction force is smaller than that of ordinary motors, and the performance is strong. The speed can reach 13km/h.

    Exclusive battery of mini smart electric scooter

    The SE3S Mini electric scooter luggage Lithium batteries are compliant with the air travel regulations for the UN, TSA, FAA and IATA and use the latest nano-crystal technology.

    Removable power battery

    The 73.26wh lithium battery guarantees boarding while meeting the riding for 8-10 kilometers. Equipped with a USB interface that can be used as a large power bank. Quick-plug design, easy to remove and replace

    External usb interface-Smart electric luggage(suitcase)

    The SE3S rideabled luggage has an intelligent riding function. Pull out the hidden riding pole to ride.When taking a flight, the lithium battery adopts an external pluggable design, which can be removed to meet the security inspection regulations, and can be used as a power bank to charge portable electronic devices.

    International TSA code lock

    The SE3S Electric Suitcase U.S.-designated and universal TSA locks are used to avoid violent damage during inspection and worry-free when boarding

    Worry-free storage

    Dual USB charging ports, worry-free travel, charging mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices at any time



Electric lift and shrink design, longer wheelbase, stable center of gravity, comfortable ride, removable battery, direct boarding without check-in


An empty smart riding luggage weighs 20.7 pounds (about 9.4 kg)


Dimensions 360 x 240 x 550 mm (14 x 9 x 22 inches)


Uses branded lithium batteries that meet UN38.3, RoHs and MSDS standards, fully charged in 2 hours The battery is an independent closed unit, safe and environmentally friendly. Over 800 charging and discharging cycles, 8 level of battery protection


5.5-inch custom high-performance TPU wheels that are shock absorbing and wear resistant to ensure smooth transportation of the motor. We also use high performance sealed bearings throughout.


Maintenance-free, high-torque, 250-watt brushless motor for low friction and long life


Maximum load capacity of 242.5 lbs (110 kg)


To charge the battery, first connect the supporting charger to AC100-220V power (mains), then plug the supporting charger into the battery input port (DC charging port). During battery charging, the charger indicator is red; after fully charged, the charger indicator is green.


The smart riding luggage is equipped with an external USB port (located on the TSA combination lock) that it can be charged for compatible devices


The smart riding luggage meets the International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements for non-check-in luggage requirements


The smart riding luggage takes 2 hours to fully charge.


Intelligent handle integrated forward reverse brake function, turn the acceleration handle forward, turn the brake handle for braking,turn the brake handle without releasing then turn the acceleration handle for reversing


Top speed of 8.1 mph (13 km/h) on a flat surface


Pull out the trolley bar and tow, pick up the "carry handle" and carry on

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